Singer Island Resort & Spa Condos® since 2011

Owner-Direct save $150-$375 a day vs. Marriott Singer Island Resort&Spa

3800 N Ocean Drive, Singer Island, Fl 33404

Phone: 800-403-6594 (US-Canada only), 561-214-4498

    All condos here are privately owned-you cut out the Marriott middleman cost

   Palm Beach's Only Luxury All-Condominum OceanFront Resort&Spa

   2 pools-3 restaurants-3 bars-gym-spa-kids club

    Full size fridge-freezer, cooktop, convection microwave, washer&dryer

2 day minimum-weekly-monthly


 ["Ocean-Front" is Residences. "Not" short term]              
                    WELCOME BACK TO THE BEACH!

              More Vacation-Without Inflation
 $ave $150-$300 daily renting Owner-Direct.
 Save $190-$375 daily peak dates November-April.
 Versus our Marriott's price-gouging rates.

              See below October Rates
 SoldOut Oct 5-9, 15,21.
 See "Rate-Compare-Save" link on left all dates.

       Affordable Luxury-Exclusive Amenities-Fun
 See Resort Amenities-Fun Activities below-left.
 North Palm Beach's ONLY Ocean Front Restaurant.
 Palm Beach's ONLY Pool with WaterSlide + WaterFall.
 Our exclusive boats for tubing, cruising, relaxing at
 our IntraCoastal Islands,  snorkeling, fishing.

   See Below Our Exclusive Most Sterile Air Condos
 Keeping our customers safe from Virus-Germs.
 We have the most sterile air condos at this Resort.
 UVC (ultra violet C) lights our AC system kills virus, 
 germs, whole room chemical-free, non-toxic.

     Sept 6-30 WaterSlide-WaterFall Pool Closed
 WaterSlide-WaterFall Pool closed for renovation.
 OceanFront Pool remains open.

  Trump/Mar-A-Lago Photos On Our Exclusive Boats
 See link on left "Trump-Mar-A-Lago Boat Pics"
 Our private boats trip-Front Row at Mar-A-Lago
 200 feet on IntraCoastal seawall or by Ocean 
 for family-friends photos. And fun cruising, tubing,
 snorkel, anchor on our IntraCoastal Islands.


-Vote Registration ID required to book with us.

-We Defund+Cancel Democrats & Woke Scum.

 Us Floridians do not want you here, 

 and will make it miserable if you are. 

 -You voted for these Scum Bags.

 -Or, Pay Full Price, call Marriott 561-340-1700,

-Biden is a Corrupt, Inept, Terrorist, Traitor, Liar.

-Biden & Democrats Are A Abortion.

  -Highest Inflation in 40 years, destroyed

   the US economy in <20 months.

   August 2022 8.3%-2020 1.2%

   13 straight months of soaring costs.

   July 2021; "Inflation is transitory", 

   July 2022: "Inflation is transitory", liar again.

  -Fuel prices 60+% more, and everything else.

  -Biden builds $490,000 Security Fence 

   Delaware beach house with US Taxpayer $.

   While average American is losing-inflation.

   Trump did not. Biden defunds-stops border wall.

  -Liar: Pick a topic.

   -Sept 18 60 Minutes Interview:

    "Inflation is not spiking".

    "The Pandemic Is Over'.

  -Traitor: Sells 1M barrels of oil to China

    from US Strategic Reserve. While US 

    citizens suffer highest fuel costs.

    Risk to US National Security.

    Plans to sell more.

    Draining US Strategic supply. 

    While halting US energy production. 

    While China stocks up with cheap Russia oil.

    Sept 18 Rep Congress to start Impeachment.


    -Weaponizes DOJ "Parents Terrorists".

    -Breaking US Immigration Law:

    -3.8 Million Illegal Immigrants 2021-2022.

    -Cancels Remain In Mexico set by Trump.

    -Costs $20Billion per year=$9,400 per immigrant

    per year I need to deduct from my Income Tax.

    On top of the $140 Billion for exiting Illegals.

    Record drugs, human trafficking, illegals crime.

   -Sept 7: Inspector General devastating audit:

    Afghan evacuees so hastily done, screening

    made-up-on-the-fly, 'posed risk to national

    security, were let into the country".

   -July 1: "US drivers will pay gas premium" 

    "As Long As It Takes". "Stakes for future of 

    "Liberal World Order".

-Vice Inept-Idiot-Liar-Terrorist-Traitor:

  -Sept 12 ABC News "The Border is Secure"

  -Sept 15: Texas sends 2 Buses of Illegals 

    to ViceTerrorist-Idiots house in DC.

  -Personally funds bail of felon April, in May 

   same repeat felon shoots, kills person at train.

  -Democrats didn't even vote for this donkey-hole

-$20 Billion Per Year=:

 -Pays US homeless Veterans $50,000 a year

  for 10 years.

 -330,000 School Teachers, for the teacher's

  shortage crisis today.

 -$420 grocery voucher for every US LEGAL family

  that make <$45,000 per year.

 -An entire Southern Border Wall.

  You do not see illegals from Canada 

  flowing across our north border, because 

  of their strict immigration laws. 

           (5) 2bedroom2bathroom Condos Rates
 Details below and on left "2bed2bath Pix+Calendar"
 Spacious Oceanview 1,350-1,600 square feet
 Sleeps 4-6
 1 king, 2 doubles, 1 queen sleep sofa
 Large fridge, cooktop, convection oven 
 dishwasher, washer-dryer, balcony/terrace
 Add $30/night Exclusive 44 ft Terrace + Dining Table
 Terrace condo 4 chairs-1 chaise lounge-2 tables
 Regular condo 13ft balcony-2 chairs, No Dining Table
 Comparison our 2bedroom to Marriott 1bedroom
 Comparison includes 13% tax and wifi.
 No $35 daily "Resort Fee" renting Owner-Direct.
 Rate comparison non-refundable, non-changeable.
 Rate comparison Marriott's smallest-lowest rate.
 Marriott charges $35 per day valet-only parking.
 See our Marriott's rate

 Dates          Owner-Direct/nt   Marriott/nt   $ave/nt

Oct 2-4         $390                      $650             $260
Oct 5-9         SoldOut                $675             $185
Oct 10-13     $390                      $653             $263
Oct 14          $445                      $674             $129
Oct 15-21     SoldOut                $600             $210
Oct 22          $445                      $583             $138
Oct 23-27     $400                      $611             $211
Oct 28-29     $445                      $575`            $130
Oct 30-31     $400                      $577             $177

 We have the Most Sterile Air Condos at this Resort
 See below our Ahead-Of-The-Curve Extreme Clean.
 Since 2011 keeping our guests extreme safe, our 
 condos are the most sterile at this Resort.
 We didn't start when COVID showed up.
 Our Exclusive UltraVioletC Light Air Cleaners,
 in our Air Conditioning System each condo.
 UltraViolet C, UVC Light kills viruses, bacteria.
 Killing airborne viruses in the air-entire condo,
 without  toxic chemicals.
 Each condo has own Air Conditioning unit.
 We provide free disinfectant items in the condo
 No Marriott condo at this Resort has these items
 Search "Columbia University Medical UVC study"

               COVID Testing
For your travel requirements
PCR tests available at CVS Pharmacy or Helix
Both located 10 minutes from Resort.
See below October and November Rates.
Click "Rates-Compare-$ave" link on left all dates
Aug 22-25    $460                      $585             $125
Aug 22-25    $460                      $585             $125

  2bedroom-2bathroom Condo Rates
  (4) Premium Ocean View.
  (1) Standard Ocean View
  See link on left "2bed2bath Pix + Calendar"

  (4) "Premium Largest Ocean View" model.
  Marriott highest rate never discounts model.
  Add $50 per night to Owner rate below.
  Only (7) of this model.
  1,600 sq ft. 
  Sleeps 5-6
  Kitchen, full size fridge-freezer, cooktop,
  convection+microwave oven, dishwasher,
  washer-dryer in condo.
  1 king, 2 double beds, 1 queen sleep sofa
  Exclusive 44 ft. terrace, 5 chairs-2 tables 
  we own the only 4 of 7 privately available.
  Exclusive Dining Table, in only 11 condos.
  (3) 50 inch Utra 4K-HD Smart WiFi TV's
  For Netflix, YouTube, Streaming.
  BOSE Home Theater sound system.
  Free high speed wifi.
  Free in-condo (6) beach chairs, cooler, umbrella.
  Marriott fee $30 daily 2 beach chairs-umbrella.

  -(1) Standard Ocean View:
  Marriott's middle-size rate.
  1,360 sq ft. 
  Sleeps 5
  Kitchen, full size fridge-freezer, cooktop,
  convection+microwave oven, dishwasher,
  washer-dryer in condo.
  1 king, 2 double beds, 1 queen sleep sofa
  4 kitchen counter stools.
  Single balcony. 13 ft x 6.5 ft, 2 chairs-1 table.
  (3) 50 inch Utra 4K-HD Smart WiFi TV's
  For Netflix, YouTube, Streaming.
  BOSE Home Theater sound system.
  High speed wifi.
  Free in-condo (5) beach chairs, cooler, umbrella.
  Marriott fee $30 daily 2 beach chairs-umbrella.

 Ahead-Of-The-Curve Extreme UVC Clean since 2011
 Chemical-Toxic Free-Safe we sterilize with 
 UltraVioletC (UVC) light.
 No Marriott condo has UVC or these items.
 Due to COVID, we have been keeping our
 customers Ahead Of The Curve for 9 years.
 UVC Clean Standards for annual flu season.
 Our Exclusive UltraVioletC Light-UVC Air 
 Conditioner System Air Cleaners and UVC 
 Wands 99.9% kills virus-bacteria every inch of 
 condo, surfaces, bedding.
 Plus, we provide Free Disinfect Items in condo.

 The science of UltraVioletC Light/UVC Kills 
 Virus-Germs by destroying the dna with short
 wavelength UltraVioletC light; used in hospitals.
 Our condos have UVC Air Conditioner System 
 Air CleanersAir passes thru UVC light, circulates
 thru the air vents to every inch of condo. 
 UVC particles kill the dna of virus-bacteria. 
 Our housekeepers use UVC Wands:
 toilets, bedding, dishes, glasses, silverware.

 We clean with Ecolab 99.9% virus-bacteria killing 
 products, the world wide leader in hotel-hospitality-
 restaurant-water system cleaning products.

 Our floors, bath tubs, showers cleaned with Shark 
 Steam Mops & Ecolab disinfect, UVC Wands sterile.

 We provide FREE In-Room 99.9% Virus Killing:
 GermX Hand Sanitizer, liquid hand soap, wipes,
 Clorox toilet tank tablets, Palmolive dish soap, 
 Lysol air spray, Kleenex anti-viral tissues.

Enjoy your vacation cutting out ALL middleman cost.

All 239 condos are privately owned, not by Marriott.

Our Owners Association oversees a hotel management 

company that runs the property, 

Marriott is a marketing license.

Eliminate the Marriott middleman costs.

Eliminate Expedia costs - owns, 

Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire, Trivago. 

Is the booking engine  for American Express Travel, 

and airlines like JetBlue.

Eliminate Priceline costs, owns

They add 15-20% to hotels' rates as commission. 

-If $600 a night-Expedia makes $102 a night from you.

-If $400 a night-Expedia makes $78 a night from you.

Eliminate middleman costs of Expedia that owns 

VRBO, HomeAway. Eliminate costs on TripAdvisor, 

Airbnb.These charge you a "Booking Fee" $100-$600+

yet they own nothing.

We 239 owners, pay operating costs of Resort.

You have full use of the Resort amenities-services.

We are not time share, we own the condos 365 days.

Marriott manages most owner condos, marks up cost.

Oceanfront Residences not short term rental.

We rent monthly, 1-2 months. 

Other Singer Island Condos are 3-6 month minimum, 

lengthy background check, approval process.

Housekeeping is extra/optional. Our housekeeping 

is former employee of this Marriott.

Marriott provides pool and beach towels daily.

Check In at Front Desk 24 hours.

We have all the hook-ups for fun, activities, restaurants.

We live on Singer Island.

Singer Island was completely modernized in 2013

Ocean Walk shops and restaurants.

Elegant 1800's vintage street lights, sidewalks, 

landscaping, playground, tennis courts.

Our Condos at Singer Island Resort & Spa are 

20 minutes Palm Beach 

Airport, 50 minutes Ft. Lauderdale, 

1.15 hour Miami, 2:15 Orlando.

    Perfect family, couples, groups vacation fun & value!
-Click "Resort Photos-Amenities" link on the left.
-A Full Services Resort.
-(2) separate heated pools:

 Oceanfront Pool:  Elegant pool, Jacuzzi pool, cabana rentals.

 Lagoon Pool&Restaurant for families: Kids-fave waterslide, waterfall
 Palm Beach's only Resort with sliding tube pool.

-Great Kids Club Program so parents can chill out too: babysitting, games,arts/crafts, Lagoon Pool "Movie Nights"

-3800 Ocean Restaurant & Bar, 

 North Palm Beach's only oceanfront restaurant.

 Incredible morning breakfast ocean sunrises.

 Seating inside, and outside.

 Daily light live music in Bar Lounge.

-Reef Tiki Bar & Beach Lounge: 

 Kick it back a notch, have a drink, lite food.

 Adjoining beach-level lounge area.

-Ocean Breeze Cafe

 Starbucks, fresh pastries, sandwiches, drinks, ice cream.

-Fire Pit lounges on Ocean Pool Deck & Tiki.

-Bonfire Beach Party's in winter

 Smores & kids meets parent & cocktails.

-SI SPA: Singer Island's only Spa, 

 Massage and treatments, sauna and steam room.

-Aire Hair Salon.

-Gym with weights, machines, treadmills.

-Beach Chair+Cabana Rentals,  drink & food service.

-Beach has rental kayaks, paddle boards, boogie boards.

-Beach Yoga.

-Bicycle Rentals.

-Beach Volleyball.

-Ping pong, foosball, bag toss, and more.

-Boats for sport fishing close to shore. 

 We are located on the Palm Beach Inlet to the ocean.

 We are a big-time fishing location. Start fishing in 

 15 minutes, versus driving for hours.

-Boats for private family trips & tubing, anchoring 

 around out local islands.

-Parasailing, wave runners, snorkel trips, kayaks, paddleboards.

-Golf with 15 minutes as world-class courses.

-24 Hour Front Desk Staff for checking in.

-Bell Man Staff for luggage

-Concierge: For restaurants, reservations, water sports, golf, etc.

-Limos/Airport: Full time on-property limo service. Sedan cars+SUV's.


       Away from it all - and near it all. On Singer Island

-Click "Thing To Do" link to the left.

-10-20 minutes to many fun attractions and activities.

-Snorkeling, scuba, surfing, wave runners, kayaks, fishing, parasailing.

-Sport Fishing on our exclusive 50' Sport Fish Boat.

 See 'Fishing' link to left. World class sport fishing year 'round.

 US Sail Fish capital Dec-April. Lines in the water in 20 minutes.

 Boat-to-Table Fish Dinner, catch fish and have cooked at our

 location in Sail Fish Marina & Restaurant. An unforgettable



 PGA National 5 courses

 The best 5 courses in Florida. 

 We have exclusive T-Time Access in peak season when 

 only PGA Resort guests or members play

 Home of the Honda Classic Feb 19-25 2018 .

 North Palm Beach Country Club 

 One of only 2 Public Courses Jack Nicklaus "Signature".

 Oct 2019 Course completely renovated.

 Dec 2019 New $18M Farmer's Table Restaurant open to public.

-Sail Fish Marina & Restaurant/Bar/Tiki Bar

 Indoor and outdoor. 

 New, super cool, Outdoor Tiki Bar 2018.

 Pub tables on sea wall.

 Firepit seating and Tiki Torches.

 Kids LOVE feeding the fish off the dock.

 Very impressive Yachts to stroll and see.

-Water Taxi at SailFish Marina. 

 Private and small group trips around IntraCoastal Waterway, 

 Palm Beach Island, Downtown West Palm Beach.

-CityPlace downtown West Palm Beach entertainment/shopping/restaurants:

 Outdoor Stage with weekend family live music, IMAX, Dance+Music Clubs,   Comedy Club, Kravitz Performing Arts Center.

-Gardens Mall: Saks, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Macy's, Kors,

 Hugo Boss, Sephora, Tommy Bahama, Apple Store, PF Chang's, Brio.

-Downtown At Gardens: 

 Whole Foods, Cheesecake Factory, Yard House, Cabo Flats, 

 Texas-Brazil Steak, Sloan's Ice Cream, Cobb Movie Theater.

-2014-new Palm Beach Designer Outlets

-Spring Training Baseball Complexes Feb 22-March 25:

 2017 New, Ball Park of the Palm Beaches home of the: 

 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals, 

 2019 American League Champion Houston Astros, 

 2017 World Champion Houston Astros.

 St. Louis Cardinals & Miami Marlins-Roger Dean Complex.

-Summer + Fall youth and adult baseball tournaments

-International Equestrian Center & Festival + Polo:

 In Wellington

 Jan-April the world's horse capital.

 The world's best riders and players.

 A horse-fan's dream come true.

 Saturday Night's Competition-Party at Equestrian Stadium.

 Sunday at Polo Stadium & party.

-Manatee Lagoon & Education Center: 

 Brand new open Feb 2016. 

 See Manatee's (sea cows) up close and learn 

 about Florida's gentle giant.
-Loggerhead Turtle Marine Life Center

 Kids see and learn about sea turtles.

-Lion Country Safari. 

 America's 1st Animal Preserve.

 Drive/walk thru, 900 animals. 

 Feed giraffe's! 

 Water Slide and Water Splash Park.

-Rapid Water Park. 35 water rides. 

 South Florida's only water park.

-McArthur Beach State Park+Summer Camps. 

 (top left of background photo). 

 Palm Beach's only Beach State Park

 3-time Gold Medal National Beach Park.

 2 miles of pristine beach, snorkel beach reefs, 

 kayak rentals paddle and picnic around intracoastal islands.

 Learn while having fun; marine ecosystems, plants,

 sea turtles, manatees, reefs, bird habitat. 

 Summer Camps for kids.

-Peanut Island Park & Snorkel Park. 

 (bottom left background photo).

 Water Taxi at Sail Fish Marina ($10).  

 Beach it. Walk&jog path. Cookout at a gazebo (reserve), 

 enjoy boats at Palm Beach Inlet. 

 And, very famous weekend sandbar boat party!

© 2022 Singer Island Resort & SpaLLC,

Singer Island was completely modernized in 2011-2012 with elegant 1800's vintage street lights, new sidewalks, landscaping, state-of-the art playground,

tennis courts, and our Ocean Mall shops&restaurants.


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